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Charleston Roofing and Exteriors Blog

Charleston RoofingSep 12, 2022 12:15:02 PM9 min read

Slate Roofs: All You Need to Know

Slate roofs are one of the oldest types of roofing materials still used today. Slate is ...
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Charleston RoofingSep 6, 2022 10:31:00 AM8 min read

Why You Should Consider Roof Financing

A new roof is an investment in your home. A roof replacement can significantly increase ...
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Charleston RoofingAug 31, 2022 11:43:21 AM6 min read

Not all Roofing Contractors are Created Equal

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Charleston RoofingAug 25, 2022 11:15:40 AM8 min read

How Much Does a Tile Roof Replacement Cost

If you're considering a new tile roof, the first question you'll probably ask is how much ...
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Charleston RoofingAug 23, 2022 11:43:26 AM10 min read

How Shingles have changed and why they are still a good choice

Shingles have been a popular choice for roofing for decades. For many homeowners, ...
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Charleston RoofingAug 18, 2022 11:28:25 AM8 min read

Solar Panels and Your Roof: Everything You Need to Know

Solar panels are a (somewhat) new technology and you may have questions about them. They ...
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Charleston RoofingAug 16, 2022 1:48:05 PM7 min read

How to Prepare Your Roof for High Winds

Storms wreak havoc on your roof, and the roof damage can be devastating. A strong gust of ...
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Charleston RoofingAug 10, 2022 12:24:00 PM7 min read

How to Prepare Your Roof for a Hailstorm

Hailstorms are beautiful but dangerous. The sound of thunder, the sight of lightning, and ...
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Charleston RoofingAug 8, 2022 10:18:58 AM8 min read

Flat Roof Replacement Options: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re a homeowner or building manager, chances are that you spend a lot of time ...
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Charleston RoofingJul 27, 2022 9:40:10 AM7 min read

Is Your Roof Decking Bad? Signs to Look For

Roof damage is the number 1 cause of increased energy costs and home insurance claims. ...
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